Fume Extractors for Medical & Pharmacuetical Applications

Advanced Purex Extraction Systems filter dust and fumes from a variety of processes in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Many processes produce fumes, dust and bacteria which are harmful to health if inhaled.

Examples of where Purex machines have delivered a solution:

  • Tablet manufacturing
  • Cleanroom applications
  • Extractors for organic waste recepticles
  • Sealed extractors for the medical industry
  • Chemical production
  • Medical procedures such as laser surgery
  • Research and laboratory work
  • Laser marking (date and batch coding)
  • Medical waste storage
  • Powder handling

What to do next: -

* UK mainland only. Other locations are handled by our distributor network.

custom fume extractor for medical waste

Medical Waste Receptical

Fume Hood for orthotics manufacture

Orthotics Manufacture

dust extractor for podiatry