Fume Extractors for Wide Format Printers

Ink fumes from printers can cause headaches and nausea but also an unpleasant working environment and so they should be controlled. Processes requiring fume extraction include:

  • Wide Format Printers
  • Dye Sublimation
  • UV Printing
  • and more...

Purex systems are available with bespoke connection kits for all common printer models including: -

  • EFI Vutek
  • HP
  • Mimaki
  • Mutoh
  • Roland
  • OCE
  • Seiko
  • and more...

Purex Solution

Purex fume extraction systems are designed in conjunction with some of the worlds largest printer manufactures.

There are typically three sources of fumes and odours when using a wide format printer: -

1.    Vapour released as the ink is applied
2.    Vapour from the print passing over the heater platen
3.    Vents underneath the heater platen

The Captivair includes hoods, hoses and manifolds to capture fumes from the printer’s enclosure at several key points. The contaminated air is then drawn through a special filter where the contaminants are captured allowing filtered air to be returned to the workplace.

After initial consultation Purex engineers can visit a site free of charge to carry out a survey* and to suggest suitable designs and solutions. What to do next: -

* UK mainland only. Other locations are handled by our distributor network. 

Fumes are produced by wide format printers