Analogue Control System

A budget version of the Digital system but with many excellent features. This system is supplied on the FumeCube, FumeBuster, Alpha and Xbase fume extractors.

Fume extractor fascia and controls


Flow ControlFlow control icon for purex fume extraction systems

Essentially, automatic closed loop flow control ensures that the extraction rate remains constant. It does this by slowly increasing the speed of the blower as the filter begins to block, this overcomes the resistance to airflow through the filter and keeps the extraction rate constant.

This function is important because a falling extraction rate can cause problems. For example:

  • Particles can adhere to laser lenses causing expensive damage
  • The temperature profile on soldering ovens can be affected
  • People may inhale dust and fumes which escape due to weak extraction
  • Products can become contaminated with dust
  • Conveyors or equipment may need to be cleaned more often to prevent breakdown

Another benefit of flow control is extended filter life which means lower costs and less downtime for filter changes.

Speed ControlSpeed control icon for purex fume extraction systems

The extraction airflow can be set to the optimum level for the application, the Purex fume extractors will then adjust the blower speed until the actual airflow matches the target airflow and the Flow Control system keeps it at that level.

This is particularly useful when an extractor is fitted to equipment such as a laser or reflow oven that specifies an exact extraction volume to operate.

InterfacingInterfacing icon for purex fume extraction systems

The fume extractors alarm signal can be interfaced with other equipment such as a laser or wave soldering machine to stop the process, set off an alarm or perform another function such as turning on a beacon. Alarm signals can include:

  • Filter blocked
  • Gas alarm
  • Particle alarm

The fume extractors can also STOP/START automatically with interfaced machines.

(None of the above are available on FumeBuster products)

Safety Sensors:

Filter Status SensorFilter blocked icon for purex fume extraction systems

Fume generated by the process will slowly block the particle filter over time.

When the particle filter is nearly blocked the LED will turn yellow. This feature allows the operator time to acquire a replacement particle filter before the current one becomes completely blocked.

When the particle filter is completely blocked then the LED will turn red and an alarm will sound.