Why use a recirculating fume extractor?

External venting systems pump dust and fumes outside, polluting the environment. The alternative is a Purex Recirculating Filter System. The Purex extractor captures dust and fumes in specialised filters and returns clean, purified air to the workplace.

The Purex extractor is simply connected next to the process so if the process moves, the extractor easily moves with it.

Fume extraction in a factory

Comparison table:


Venting to the Environment System

Recirculation System (Purex)

How long will the system take to install? Several days on average. In many cases just minutes.
Will there be any disruption in the workplace? Expensive contractors and scaffold etc. may be required, disrupting work for lengthy periods. Minor if any.
Can the system be moved? Only by contractors with scaffold etc. meaning extra cost and disruption to work. Yes. Simply unplug, move to new location and reconnect.
Are holes in the building required? Yes. They need to be specially cut and sealed. No.
Are external emissions regulations a problem? Company must investigate and obey local laws. Not applicable. No problem.
Is there any energy lost e.g. heating/conditioning costs? Energy and therefore money is wasted when heated or conditioned air is pumped outside. No energy or heat is lost as the air is recycled.
Are there any ducting / installation costs? Expensive - as ducting needs to be purchased and specialist installation is required. Minimal if any, depending on process.
Are there any cleaning costs? Specialist cleaning required to prevent risk of fire or contamination in ductwork. Again contractors, scaffold, disruption and expense. Minimal if any.
Are there any decontamination costs? Specialist decontamination may be required should the ducting be removed. None.
Can fumes be drawn back into the workplace? Yes. Through windows or vents. Not possible as all fumes are locked into filters.
Could there be disputes with my neighbours? Yes. Over hazardous fumes and odours. Not applicable. No problem.
Could temperature control of machinery (i.e. reflow oven) be affected? Yes, fluctuations in extraction rates can be caused by external weather conditions making temperature control more difficult. Flow control provides the correct maintainable extraction rate and temperature, reducing reject rates
Is planning permission required to install the extraction system? Expensive, time consuming planning permission may be required. No.
Could the roof leak? Possible if not sealed and installed correctly. Not applicable. No problem.
Can negate buildings/roofing insurance Possible. Not applicable. No problem.
May not be allowed by landlord Possible. Not applicable. No problem.

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