WARNING! - Counterfeit Filters

18 July 2016
WARNING! - Counterfeit Filters

As a company we pride ourselves on our quality, reliability and service. Our customers buy Purex machines and filters for a reason, to protect the health of their employees and to increase the performance of their process.




Unfortunately we are still finding very poor quality, non-Purex filters fitted in some of our machines out in the field.

Please do be aware of companies claiming that their counterfeit filters are the same as ours as they simply are not. Our filters use only the highest performing materials and filter media. Our Labyrinth pre-filters are unique, patented and are only available from Purex and authorised distributors.

Recently, several unfortunate customers have seen their non-Purex filters burst. This means that fumes have passed through the filter into the workplace which is not only a health hazard but has also damaged several machines and invalidated the warranty. These filters have severely damaged these machines and the customer now faces a costly repair bill.

Customers have also reported poor filter life.

If you are concerned that you may have non-Purex filters fitted to your machine or you have another query then please feel free to contact us.

Jon Young - Technical Sales Manager



Showing a poorly made bag filter, a crude box filter, and perforated / collapsed HEPA filters.

Counterfeit filter 1   Counterfeit filter 2