More Customers Tricked Into Buying Fake Filters!

15 June 2017
More Customers Tricked Into Buying Fake Filters!

Unfortunately we have received more reports of damaged Purex machines where our customers have been tricked into buying fake replacement filters for their Purex fume extractors.

Certain unscrupulous companies are approaching our customers to offer fake filters that are not manufactured by Purex. Our customers are accepting this in good faith and are fitting these filters in their Purex machines.
The inferior filters then leak hazardous particle and gas contamination into the motor and PCB compartment of the machine causing irreparable damage. Even worse, the contamination is also blown into the room and is being inhaled by anyone in the area.

An example of a fake main filter.

Damage to machines has cost our customers thousands in replacement parts in recent months and has cost some key customers extremely expensive downtime, not to mention the loss of any warranty.
If you have any concerns about any filters you are being offered then please don't hesitate to contact our UK or USA office.