QuickTrophy Finds Solution to Laser Engraving Fumes

QuickTrophy Finds Solution to Laser Engraving Fumes

Quick Trophy of Marquette, Michigan Install Purex Fume Extractor For a Laser Engraver to replace a vent to atmosphere fan

When Terry Dehring, owner of QuickTrophy in Marquette Michigan needed to upgrade the fume extractor for their laser engravers he turned to Purex North America for a solution.

QuickTrophy is located in Marquette, Michigan, USA on the south shore of Lake Superior. They were one of the first companies to offer online ordering, personalisation and fast delivery of trophies, plaques, name-plates, medals and other engraved items to the US market.

QuickTrophy engrave their customer’s personalised messages and information onto products using several laser engraving machines. These lasers burn away layers of material to create the message or image on the product. This process produces a fume made up of gases, particles and vapour that can be harmful to people if it is allowed to escape into the workplace. The fume build up can also damage expensive parts of the laser and reduce the quality of the engraving if the extraction system is not correct.

Some engravers use a fan to blow the laser fumes outside, however this can be problematic, as owner of QuickTrophy – Terry Dehring explains. “We had a huge fan built into the wall when we moved into our current space and we just tied into it. It was noisy and not very efficient, so I asked our laser what would be a good replacement system. She sent me literature on Purex fume extractors and said for our lasers, the Purex 1500i would be a good fit. It would be bigger than we need, but would thus be more efficient and would clean the process air while providing adequate air movement to keep our machines clean. The extra capacity is also useful to have should we expand the number of lasers we have.”

Rather than blow polluted air straight into the outside environment, the Purex systems filter the harmful gases and particles from the process air and return clean, purified air back into the workplace. In this way no heat is lost from the building, which saves energy and therefore money, plus no holes in walls or ceilings are required. Also, as no pollutants are blown outside, other problems can be avoided such as fume re-entering the workplace through windows and complaints from neighbours about dust and odours. Although if required, the clean air can still be exhausted outside.

After several weeks of use Terry is very complimentary of the Purex system, “I really like the way it provides air movement through our laser machines to keep them clean and working all of the time.” he says, “It does the job much better than our old exhaust fan and is much quieter. It is easy to adjust the air volume extracted by the machine and changing the filters is an infrequent task and easy to do when necessary.”

QuickTrophy workshop with a laser fume extractor

Environmental issues are increasingly important to both individuals and companies in recent times and these were a consideration for QuickTrophy and Terry, “We are in a very rural location (across the street from Lake Superior) and we would like the exhaust air from the lasers to be as clean as possible so we don’t pollute the pristine environment. The Purex 1500i provides more than adequate airflow for four of our lasers and it cleans the contaminated air they produce through a 3 stage filter. First is a patented Labyrinth™ filter for large particulate, then a HEPA filter for submicron particles and then a carbon filter to adsorb gas and odours."

“But, what we really like is how easy the Purex is to use, just press the switch in the morning and it starts right up. The build quality of the machine is excellent, we have run it everyday, all day and have never had a service problem.”

“There are a lot of automatic features and sensors on the Purex machine that keep our operators safe, keep our lasers clean and working and prolong the life of our filters but because they are all working behind the scenes we don’t have to do anything. Any questions we do have are answered promptly by Scott – the Purex engineer who is about the nicest and most knowledgeable factory representative I have ever dealt with. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would rank Scott and the Purex 1500i as an 11 !”