Purex Performs for Digital Graphic Solutions

25 October 2010
Purex Performs for Digital Graphic Solutions

DGS operates a Captivair extractor with Seiko H104s solvent printers. The source capture approach is performing very well...

DGS needed a solution to the harmful fumes being generated by their solvent printer, Jacques Gravel of Purex delivered a solution. Here is what DGS do...

We're in the extraordinary visual business of designing, manufacturing, and installing original graphics for customers throughout the United States and Canada. We add value through professional expertise, a commitment to quality, continuing education in our craft, robust curiosities, and a comprehensive understanding of brand.

We focus on achieving three fundamental goals :

  • Design to get noticed
  • Manufacture with performance in mind
  • Install with precision

We also built a world-class software platform to provide better access to order information when you need it, wherever you are.


Company Name Digital Graphic Solutions
Customer Name Mark Trumbull
Address Valparaiso, IN 46383
Tel 219-465-7600
Email mark@thedigitalcompanies.com
Web www.thedigitalcompanies.com
Sector Print
Describe what the company does Graphics Manufacturer
Describe the particular process including machinery used, production rates, special features, skills needed; products produced etc. and any other relevant information. Operates Captivair extractor with Seiko H104s solvent printers. The source capture approach is performing very well.
Describe what material generates the fume; do you know what the fume composition is? What are the hazardous elements in it? Solvent inks contain very harmful VOC’s emissions and need to be handled in a responsible manner.
What problems was the fume causing? Volatile Organic Compounds are a health hazard and the odour makes for an unpleasant work environment.
What made them chose a filter system rather than venting outside? More efficient at removing VOC’s from ambient air and more economical than venting outside.
How did they hear about Purex? Solicitation
When did they buy?  NA
What made them choose Purex over any competitor? Added value with Purex expertise, superior product design, endorsement by Seiko.
How is the Purex performing now it is in place? The extractor dramatically reduced the fumes coming off the printer. Runs continuously without issues
What benefits has the Purex system delivered? Removed harmful VOC’s from the environment, keeping the work place safe for the operators and staff.
What features does the customer like best? Integrated source capture and no tool install.
Has it saved them any money? Cheaper in the long run than venting outside
How it has changed things in the workplace? The ambient air is clear and clean
Were they happy with our service and why? Yes, appreciated the expert advice
Would they buy Purex again? Will recommend Purex with all future installations
Would they be happy if we put this information onto our website and use it in a press release as a success story?

(They do not have to be named but it is better for us if they are.)
Can you get good photographs of the application and our machine on site?

If so when?