Klieverik Choose Purex for Fabric Printer

25 October 2010
Klieverik Choose Purex for Fabric Printer

Klieverik unveiled a new 3.2 meter fixation press for direct to fabric printing. This unit cannot operate in closed environments without proper extraction...

Klieverik Heli, a limited company, has been active for over 40 years as a designer and manufacturer of innovative systems and stand-alone units that improve the efficiency of textile printing and finishing operations.

Its applications include thermo-processing systems, such as transfer printing calenders, dye sub calenders, laminating calenders, systems for the production of technical textiles and prepregs for composites and other thermo-processing systems for fusing of Latex-free carpet, bonding of non-wovens and heat setting of fabrics.

In addition, Klieverik manufactures equipment for the preparation of thickeners and binders, straining under vacuum, cleaning of squeegees, screens, and containers (from small to large), mixing of pastes and dyes.

Klieverik unveiled a new 3.2 meter fixation press for direct to fabric printing at the Specialty Graphics Imaging Association yearly trade show event held last week. This unit cannot operate in closed environments without proper extraction. Purex was able to control the emissions with a Alpha 400 but it is likely to require an 800i for commercial use.

Karel Lansu - Director of Sales at Klieverik will endorse Purex with NA distribution. The same will be introduced in the EU.


Company Name Klieverik
Customer Name Karel
Address 7575 AT Oldenzaal
Tel 31 541 511155
Email karel.lansu@klieverik.com
Web www.klieverik.com
Sector Print
Describe what the company does Printer manufacturer
Describe the particular process including machinery used, production rates, special features, skills needed; products produced etc. and any other relevant information. Ran a 400i extractor with a 3.2m dye sublimation fixation press. This direct to fabric calendar press is equipped with a fume hood.
Describe what material generates the fume, do you know what the fume composition is? What are the hazardous elements in it? The glycol fumes emanating from the fabric coatings mixed with oils from the dyes create a cloud of hot gasses.
What problems was the fume causing? The fume coats surrounding surfaces with a thin film of oil and clouding the ambient air with hot nauseas fumes
What made them chose a filter system rather than venting outside? The unit is installed in a closed environment
How did they hear about Purex? Solicitation
When did they buy? NA
What made them choose Purex over any competitor? Proactive efforts on Purex part
How is the Purex performing now it is in place? The extractor dramatically reduced the fumes coming off the press. It was determined that a 800i would be better performing
What benefits has the Purex system delivered? Removed unsightly cloud of smoke
(with all its constituance), collected condensation, eliminated odours
What features does the customer like best? Compact and quiet.
Has it saved them any money? Cheaper in the long run than venting outside
How it has changed things in the workplace? The ambient air is clear and clean
Were they happy with our service and why? Yes, appreciated the attentive and quick response
Would they buy Purex again? Will recommend Purex with all future installations
Would they be happy if we put this information onto our website and use it in a press release as a success story?

(They do not have to be named but it is better for us if they are.)
Can you get good photographs of the application and our machine on site?

If so when?
Please see attached.