Laser Marking Metal Now Safer Thanks to Purex

25 October 2010
Laser Marking Metal Now Safer Thanks to Purex

Hazardous respirable dust is a problem when laser marking metals, Purex have solved this problem for LMT (MI-USA) with a high performance fume extractor...

LASER MARKING TECHNOLOGIES,LLC (USA), has developed lasers marking machines around customers needs. They continually strive to bring the latest technology in metal marking, laser engraving & laser cutting to the market by utilizing the most advanced components on the market.

With over 30 years of combined experience they claim to meet or exceed customers laser marking requirements.

Laser Marking Technologies offers complete turn key laser marking systems for permanent marking on carbide, HSS, Stainless and metal marking, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, crystal, man made rock, wood and laser friendly plastics.


Company Name Laser Marking Technologies
Customer Name Erica Dibble
Address Laser Marking Technologies LLC
1101 W Sanilac Rd
Caro, MI 48723
Tel 866-799-0199
Sector Engraving
Describe what the company does OEM Laser engraving manufacturer
Describe the particular process including machinery used, production rates, special features, skills needed, products produced etc. and any other relevant information. New Cobalt Dominator Laser lowest Static marking fiber laser coding system, (turnkey) unit on the market
Describe what material generates the fume, do you know what the fume composition is? What are the hazardous elements in it? Typically Metal Marking with Laser, Respirable dust
What problems was the fume causing? Causes issues in maintenance, and health hazards.
What made them chose a filter system rather than venting outside? TBD
How did they hear about Purex? Distributor, Web Site
When did they buy? First unit over a year ago
What made them choose Purex over any competitor? Better performance, more geared toward laser use.
How is the Purex performing now it is in place? All applications successful
What benefits has the Purex system delivered? Low cost low and operating cost for a unit as reliable.
What features does the customer like best? TBD
Has it saved them any money? TBD
How it has changed things in the workplace? TBD
Were they happy with our service and why? TBD
Would they buy Purex again? Yes
Would they be happy if we put this information onto our website and use it in a press release as a success story?

(They do not have to be named but it is better for us if they are.)
Can you get good photographs of the application and our machine on site?

If so when?