LEV Testing & Support Team Expanded at Purex

18 May 2011
LEV Testing & Support Team Expanded at Purex

All fume extraction or "LEV" (Local Exhaust Ventilation) equipment to give it its posh name, has to be tested by law at least once every 14 months to ensure it is working properly. Increased demand for LEV testing services has led Purex International of Rotherham to expand its LEV Testing and Support department...

Giving Customers What They Want

Purex International Ltd. of Rotherham, manufacture and sell high performance fume extraction systems for soldering, printing and laser applications. Purex carried out a survey of their customers to find out their views on the subject of LEV Testing, virtually all customers responded by saying they would prefer that Purex carry out this important service for them. In response to this demand Purex created and further expanded its LEV testing and support department and recruited the help of a new mascot, THE SENTINEL!

LEV testing & support team at Purex

Above: Some of the Purex LEV Testing & Support Team alongside the Sentinel, protecting your LEV system!
The Sentinel mascot represents the Purex mission "Protecting People & the Environment with Innovative Technology"

Jon Young, Sales & Marketing Manager for Purex said, "The response to our customer survey has been excellent, all of our customers were very pleased that we can now supply, LEV test and support their machines with our new Sentinel Pack.

Substandard 3rd Party Filters Causing Problems

During the survey Purex also found that a major concern for many customers was that some 3rd party companies, who may have carried out LEV testing for our customers in the past, have used substandard filters instead of authentic Purex ones. The survey highlighted several cases where substandard, non-Purex filters had been used, the results of this had caused problems for customers such as short filter life, reduced extraction and costly downtime.

By using Purex to carry out LEV testing, customers can be guaranteed that only genuine high performance Purex filters & parts will be fitted to their machines.

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LEV testing brochure

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