New 2013 Fume Extraction Brochure From Purex

18 January 2013
New 2013 Fume Extraction Brochure From Purex

Purex International Ltd - leading manufacturer of high performance fume extraction systems has just released their 2013 brochure featuring new products and accessories.

Purex manufacture a wide range of equipment used to extract hazardous fumes and dust from varied applications such as soldering, laser coding & engraving, printing, welding and many others.

Purex units use tri-stage filtration to capture particulates and gases then return clean, purified air to the workplace. This means that customers do not need to drill holes in walls or ceilings, hazardous fumes are not pumped into the atmosphere and there is no heat loss from the factory which saves money on heating costs.

The new 2013 brochure features a variety of new filters for problematic fumes such as formic acid, printing ink vapours and formaldehyde. There are new solutions for extracting solder fume from soldering iron tips and a new downdraft version of the Cleancab fume extraction cabinet.

Also available are high volume, 50mm diameter flexible stainless steel extraction arms which overcome the weaknesses of some plastic arms available on the market.

The brochure also features the latest digital and analogue range of extractors, application selector charts and much more information on dust and fume extraction.

More information on Purex and their products is available from or by calling 01709 763000.