What are the different types of ventilation?

As a business owner or administrator for a company, you may already know that your workplace building needs some type of ventilation. Ventilation not only provides areas with clean, fresh air (which is integral for employee health), but, depending on the type, can also rid the environment of harmful toxins, fumes and gases. But which […]

4 reasons to choose Purex for your fume extractor needs

Fume extraction is vital for many industries – unventilated fumes can be incredibly harmful and even put your staff at risk to many respiratory illnesses. Purex fume extractors are designed with both safety and quality in mind – with thirty years of industry experience, we have refined the art of fume extraction. Find out why […]

Q&A: Carl Wagstaff (LEV Engineer)

Here at Purex, we understand it’s not just the technology that makes the company great – it’s the people. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to showcase some of the amazing people behind the company. Today, we got a chance to get to know our brand-new LEV engineer, Carl Wagstaff, a little better! Joining […]

Why the beauty industry needs fume extraction

Beauty technicians are essential for making everybody feel and look good – however, did you know that the fumes in beauty parlours could be putting these technicians at risk? Whether it’s a nail salon or the hairdressers, staff in the beauty industry who are consistently exposed to glues, removers, polishes, emollients, and other salon products […]

Purex at Laser World of Photonics, 2022

This spring, Munich will once again be hosting the Laser World of Photonics trade show and we are excited to announce that Purex will be in full attendance. From 26th – 29th April 2022, you will be able to find our stand as part of one of the many exhibitions. The Laser World of Photonics […]

Different types of fume extraction

What is fume extraction? Fume extraction is the process in which an extractor collects and filtrates hazardous particles from the air – this works by fume extractors vacuuming contaminated air into a filtration system, which then disposes of these toxic fumes in a safe environment. Fume extraction systems come in various shapes and sizes, and […]

Benefits of fume extraction

In many environments, fume extraction is vital – not only for health and safety reasons, but also for creating a comfortable environment where people will want to live and work. In many cases, fume extraction is essential for health and safety and is a legal requirement. What is a fume extraction system? Firstly, it’s helpful […]

Why the electronic industry needs fume extraction

The manufacturing of electronics requires a closed environment, in order to limit the amount of dust and humidity affecting the electronic components. However, this environment is very dangerous for the people working in these environments for many reasons, such as: Solder fumes: this process requires joining together small electronic components with molten metal. The result […]

Dangers of tampering with fume extraction systems

Tampering with your fume extraction system can not only cause it to work ineffectively, but it can be a health and safety risk to your business. Of course, as a fume extraction system provider and manufacturer, we do see our fair share of ‘horrors’ out in the field. Whether that’s seeing unnecessary drill holes drilled […]