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The Independent Fume Extraction Company

For more than two decades, Purex International Ltd has manufactured fume extraction systems with the aim of improving product quality, reducing process costs and protecting the health of personnel and the environment. 

Purex extractors are constantly under development to deliver the most efficient and safety conscious equipment in the market. All equipment is built to help ensure: -

  • Your processes comply with the most recent health and safety regulations
  • Your people are protected from hazardous dust & fumes
  • Your production line works at maximum efficiency and equipment is kept clean
  • You avoid environmental issues surrounding "vent to atmosphere" fume extraction

For technical support:

Products by Application

Coding & Marking Coding & Marking

Fume Extraction Systems for laser and inkjet coding & marking applications.

Engraving & Printing Laser Engraving

Fume Extraction Systems for desktop and industrial laser engraving applications.

Engraving & Printing Printing

Fume Extraction Systems for wide format printing, dye sublimation, UV printing and more.

Electronics Manufacturing Electronics

Fume Extraction Systems for hand soldering, machine soldering and coating processes.