About Us

Purex has over 30 years of supplying fume extraction solutions unlike any other in the industry. A world expert in its field, Purex is renowned for the quality and reliability of its technology and unrivalled customer support.

We pride ourselves with offering excellent customer service, product availability, timely shipping and technical support.

Purex is continually developing new features to deliver the most efficient and safety conscious equipment in the market.  We have intelligent fume extraction products for various applications including coding/marking, laser engraving, printing, light industrial and electronics assembly.

Company History

Purex Production Facility in Brough
  • 2018 New production facility opened in Brough UK
  • 2017 New warehouse opened in the USA
  • 2016 Purex Incorporated established in the USA
  • 2016 Purex moved to QWP House a new custom built premises
  • 2015 Purex iFume series launched
  • 2015 Purex acquired by current owners
  • 2006 Purex Americas opened
  • 2005 Purex 9000 series was launched
  • 2000 Due to Purex turnover growing Purex house extended by 50%
  • 1998 Purex 8000 series of machine was launched
  • 1997 Purex house production facility opened
  • 1993 Purex 7000 series of machine was launched
  • 1989 New production facility opened
  • 1988 Purex 6000 series of machine was launched
  • 1985 Purex formed