The Need for Fume Extraction

Many industrial processes can generate harmful dust and fume. Any operation where a material is cut, marked, heated, burned or physically altered in any way has the potential to produce harmful materials.

Some common hazards are:

  • Solder fume
  • Welding fume
  • Laser fume from plastics, metals, wood etc.
  • Respirable dust
  • Solvents
  • 3D Printing
  • and many more…

Many types of dust and fume created by these applications are hazardous to health if inhaled. They can also cause damage and problems to the process they are being used on.

That’s why we at Purex have a solution for all your needs.

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Purex Covid 19 Update

Purex Covid 19 Response Update At this time we would like to reassure our customers that Purex remains open for business. We are following the advice from the UK Government to protect both our employees and any members of the public we come into contact with. Due to our robust supply chain and Read More

Growth for Purex!

Over the past few years Purex have been growing at a high rate, from employing 30 people 3 years ago to now having over 50 employees! The growth is helping Purex to deliver world leading fume extraction systems while at the same time keeping short lead times. The main expansion has been in the fabrication facility Read More

Purex is open for summer

Purex is open for summer In previous years Purex have closed in the summer for 1 week, usually at the end of August. This year we will be staying open; this will allow us to continue to supply our customers throughout the summer months and keep our industry beating lead times. October Trade Shows In October we Read More

Local Exhaust Ventilation Benefits


Removes harmful fumes and returns clean air.


No building improvement cost and reduced utility expense.


The only way to eradicate harmful fumes


May prohibit exhausting harmful fumes.


Purex units are portable and easy to move.

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