Fume Extractors For Clean Rooms 

Cleanrooms are an important part of many production processes. Creating an engineered space free of airborne particles can be necessary for the creation of several key components. These spaces are also commonly used for scientific research. Cleanrooms create an environment that is devoid of dust, airborne organisms, and vaporized particles.

Fume extraction within clean rooms is essential to control contamination and maintain the safety of technicians operating within controlled environments. At Purex, our fume extraction systems efficiently remove toxic gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced as byproducts of clean room applications. Learn how our fume extractors can increase operational safety within your clean rooms.


From performing medical research to developing new drugs, clean rooms are essential within the biomedical industry. However, maintaining a contaminant-free space is not only necessary for accurate test results, but for the safety of technicians also. Our fume extractors ensure industrial clean rooms maintain their sterile state, preventing contamination and exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 


Semiconductors possess qualities of both conductors and insulators. As such, they are an essential component in countless electronic devices - and growing in demand. Effective air filtration within semiconductor clean rooms is imperative to ensure the product offers optimal precision and functionality. However, it also plays a vital role in extracting toxic chemicals commonly found throughout the semiconductor industry – like hydrochloric acid 'HCl'. That’s why at Purex, we design fume extraction systems that ensure optimal performance and safety.

Lens Manufacturing

As lenses for glasses or telescopes are manufactured, the cleanliness of these parts during manufacture is paramount to ensure no marks or imperfections on the viewing surfaces. Purex units can be coupled with a Purex cleancab or other accessories to use the purified air from the Purex units to create a mini clean room, ensuring cleanliness during assembly.


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