Fume extractors for the Automotive Industry 

In the automotive industry there are a range of process's that can create harmful fumes that need extraction and filtration. Examples include the welding process's during vehicle manufacturing, design of custom parts for race cars, running of vehicles inside a workshop, and many more. By using our Purex machines and services, you ensure a safer and healthier work environment.

At Purex, our extensive range of Automotive fume extractors are designed to combat hazardous fumes and particles, across a variety of processes, to ensure the safety of your operators. 

Typical Applications

Automotive Fabrication

Automotive fabrication is the production of bespoke vehicle part. To cutting, shaping, welding and finishing the operators are exposed to toxic fumes, airborne dust and debris throughout the entire production process. Without sufficient air filtration, these irritants can cause acute respiratory irritation or even chronic conditions like lung cancer or COPD. At Purex, we can provide extractors to effectively extract these toxic fumes to protect your operators, without hindering the fabrication process. 

Automotive Coating

Auto body painters are exposed to airborne paint particles and pigments, featuring chemicals like chromium 'CR' and lead 'PB'. Inhalation of these toxic fumes can cause inflammation of the skin and respiratory system, nausea, headaches and even more severe side effects like nerve and neurological damage. That’s why our fume extractors are specifically designed to remove hazardous airborne toxins produced throughout the vehicle coating process. 

Vehicle Exhausts

Depending on the age of vehicle the exhaust air from the internal combustion engine can create a wide range of gas’s such as carbon monoxide 'CO', sulphur dioxide 'SO₂', nitrogen oxides 'NO', formaldehyde 'CH₂O' and benzene 'C₆H₆'. Some of the side effects of inhalation can be dizziness, headaches, heart disease and nausea. Purex provided extraction units can remove these gas's from the workplace and ensure the safety of users. 

Recommended machines

  • Weldex

    The Purex Weldex is a versatile digital unit with a large dust holding capacity and a consistent extraction rate. It is a mobile unit due to its castors, and features a 75mm multi-position arm that can cover up to 2 metres, making it ideal for station-to-station movement.

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  • iFume Range

    The Purex iFume range is our versatile and efficient solution, designed to cater for a wide range of applications. These variable range of units are an ideal tailored solution that aligns with your specific requirements. Guaranteed to provide employee safety and efficiency.

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  • iFume 400i Ozone

    iFume 400i Ozone

    The iFume 400i Ozone has been designed specifically to extract hazardous particles and chemicals produced by Ozone applications, an excellent solution throughout several sectors, including the medical sectors.

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Welding Extraction
Case Study

Welding Extraction

Our customer is a leading player in the metal fabrication industry, specializing in welding and assembly of metal structures. Read more about the filtration solution we provided.

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