Fume Extraction For The Laser Industry

Industries involved in laser marking and coding burn or vaporise the surface of materials, creating harmful particles and vapours. Without an efficient fume extraction system in place, these contaminants can damage laser equipment and significantly impact the health of employees. It’s crucial to have a reliable system to ensure a safe and clean working environment.

Burning or vaporising materials creates harmful particles and vapours, which can both damage your laser equipment and significantly impact the health of your employees. At Purex, our extensive range of laser fume extractors are designed to combat hazardous Laser Generated Air Contaminants (LGAC’s), across a variety of processes, to provide a safe and efficient working environment.

Typical applications

Marking & Coding Applications

Marking and coding applications use a laser to burn or vaporising the surface of a material to create permanent legible markings, often a date or serial number. This creates harmful particle and vapours depending on the base material being marked or coded. Purex offer a wide range of laser extraction so that regardless of the amount of codes or marks your system is capable of performing we have a extraction unit to suit. 

Engraving Applications

Similarly to marking and coding, laser engraving involves vaporising materials to create permanent markings. However, laser engravings create significantly deeper grooves than surface-level markings. In turn, the volume of vapourised material and hazardous fumes also increases. Purex offer a wide range of laser extraction so that regardless of the materials being engraved of the size the laser system we have a extraction unit to suit. 

PVC Applications

When a laser burns or vaporises PVC it produce's highly toxic fumes, including hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is extremely corrosive to steel, and can corrode the extraction unit. However, our PVC units are designed to prevent corrosion to the machine. They are Epoxy coated and have all internal parts made from non-corrosive materials. They are also have specialist filters installed to purify these dangerous gas’s.

Recommended machines

  • 400i


    This versatile machine is commonly used in the Laser Engraving and Coding industry, its high extraction rate and compact size make it renown around the world

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  • 400i PVC

    400i PVC

    The Purex 400i PVC - Designed to tackle harmful corrosive contaminants produced by laser marking PVC parts, Purex PVC units are specially coated to prevent corrosion on the internal surfaces.

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  • iFume Range

    The Purex iFume range is our versatile and efficient solution, designed to cater for a wide range of applications. These variable range of units are an ideal tailored solution that aligns with your specific requirements. Guaranteed to provide employee safety and efficiency.

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  • 300i

    The Purex 300i is designed to ensure safety, its compact size allows it to be used in a variety of industry's while taking up less workspace.

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  • Base Unit Range

    The Purex Base units are a bench type fume extraction system that safeguards your workspace from harmful pollutants. It’s a preferred choice in the laser industry, especially for intensive laser engraving and cutting filtration.

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  • PUR35 Range

    The Purex PUR35 is a compact, high-performance, and cost-efficient unit. It’s easily relocated, simple to install, and ensures operator safety.

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  • Alpha 400

    The Purex Alpha 400 is a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution for your specific laser fume extraction operations. It features an LED warning system and would be an ideal choice for the Laser industries.

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  • 750 Range

    The Purex 750 range is a high-performance unit and with automatic electronic flow control it ensures smooth operation. The series offers the 750 2-Tier and 750 3-Tier models, catering to diverse needs.

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  • 800i 2 Tier

    800i 2 Tier

    The 800i 2 Tier – Equipped with one primary and one labyrinth pre filter, this unit is highly efficient for extraction from gases and chemicals, making it an excellent solution throughout various industry's.

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  • 800i 3 Tier

    800i 3 Tier

    The 800i 3 Tier – Equipped two main filters and a labyrinth pre-filter, this high-efficiency apparatus ensures a dependable operation, specifically designed to eradicate heavy-duty odours from Laser Coding & Marking, Laser Engraving on various materials such as plastics including acrylic.

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  • 1750i Range

    The Purex 1750i 3 Phase unit is a robust, high-performance machine designed for high gas-emitting applications. It offers precision, easy filter change, adjustable airflow, and low operational costs.

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  • 2000i

    The Purex 2000i 3 Phase is a cost-efficient and reliable solution, offering adjustable airflow and low operational costs. Its easy installation, portability, and precision operation make it a robust and high-performing asset for your needs.

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  • 5000i Range

    The Purex 5000i range 3 Phase units are designed to effectively and efficiently remove a large volume of hazardous fumes. The versatility of the 5000i range is further enhanced by its specialized units, including the 5000i HD 3 Phase and the 5000i PVC 3 Phase.

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  • 5000i HD

    5000i HD

    The Purex 5000i HD (heavy duty) 3 Phase, has been expertly engineered to eliminate hazardous pollutants from your work environment, ensuring a safer and healthier workspace. It comes equipped with two pleated pack pre-filters to allow it capture high dust producing laser particles, for example, Laser Cutting labels.

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  • 5000i


    The 5000i 3 Phase offers a choice of pre-filters depending on if your workspace allows side inlet or rear inlet. This machine is able to extract from up to 36 separate Purex arm kits simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for large scale Hand Soldering processes. Its large air flow also allows it be used for Wave Soldering applications where a steady and constant airflow is needed. In addition, it can be used on large scale Laser Engraving and Coding processes.

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  • 200i


    The Purex 200i with its main filters and labyrinth pre-filter efficiently eliminates harmful particles from your workplace.

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  • FumeCube Max

    FumeCube Max

    The Purex FumeCube Max is a compact, versatile fume extraction solution. With its Labyrinth pre-filter its designed for electronics production, light laser coding and marking. This machine features an LED varicoloured filter status indicator, which uses a traffic light system to inform operators about the status of the filters. It also has an Automatic electronic flow control - maintaining a constant extraction rate even as the filter blocks, ensuring high performance without any loss of efficiency. Available with multiple connection kits to suit your application.

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  • Lasersafe

    The Purex Lasersafe is an affordable solution, with its compact size the machine can be effortlessly relocated. This makes the machine a cost effective choice designed to maintain a consistent extraction rate and decreased down time.

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  • PUR35


    The Purex PUR35, our top-tier and economically viable solution, is equipped with a total of three filters - two primary ones and an additional pre-filter. Its design emphasizes portability and ease of installation, thanks to its compact dimensions. This makes the PUR35 an ideal choice for those seeking a flexible and efficient filtration solution.

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  • PUR35 Chemical

    PUR35 Chemical

    This versatile device prioritises operator safety and adaptability. Its unique split filter design contributes to a cost-effective ownership experience. Please note that the chemical variant of the PUR35 is equipped with a single primary main filter. This information is crucial for potential owners to understand the maintenance requirements of this model.

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  • 1750i


    The 1750i 3 Phase - Would be a reliable solution  designed to eradicate heavy-duty odours from Laser Marking and Engraving on various materials such as plastics including acrylic.

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  • Ebase


    The Purex Ebase Fume Extraction System reliably maintains a clean and safe working environment by effectively eliminating harmful contaminants. Its low-profile design allows a laser engraving device to be placed on top, reducing the overall footprint, or it can be positioned under pre-existing work benches. Renowned in the Laser Industry, the Ebase fume extractor is particularly recommended for heavy-duty tasks like laser engraving and cutting.

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  • Xbase


    The Purex Xbase Fume Extraction System ensures a clean and safe working environment by efficiently removing harmful contaminants. Its compact design allows a laser engraving device to be placed on top, minimising the required space, or it can fit under existing work benches. Well-regarded in the Laser Industry, the Xbase fume extractor is especially recommended for laser engraving and cutting tasks.

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Laser Engraving
Case Study

Laser Engraving

As the use of laser engravers for personalizing patterns and text on various materials continues to grow, ensuring proper air filtration has become increasingly critical. Discover why air filtration is essential and what Purex can offer to enhance your laser engraving operations.

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