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About Us

With a legacy spanning up to 39 years, Purex stands as a unique provider of fume extraction solutions in the industry.

As a global authority in our field, Purex is celebrated for the dependability and quality of its technology, coupled with unparalleled customer support.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service, product availability, prompt shipping, and technical support sets us apart. Experience the Purex difference on our website.

<p>Why Choose Purex?</p>

Why Choose Purex?

  • Industry experience

    With a legacy spanning up to 39 years, we take pride in delivering top-tier Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) equipment. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our exceptional supply and service of high-quality LEV systems. This experience and dedication make us a trusted partner for your LEV needs.

  • Exceptional service

    We provide unparalleled customer service and technical support around the clock. Our commitment to our clients is unwavering, ensuring we are available 24/7 to meet your needs. This dedication sets us apart, making us a reliable choice for your business.

  • Trusted worldwide

    We take immense pride in providing advanced fume extraction solutions worldwide. Our intelligent technology is designed to ensure a safer and cleaner environment, no matter where you are on the globe. Trust us for your fume extraction needs.

  • LEV testing

    Our expertise extends beyond our own Purex products. We provide comprehensive Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) services for all types of LEV systems. Trust us for your diverse LEV needs, regardless of the product brand.

  • Experts

    Every one of our Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Engineers holds both P601 and P602 accreditations. This underlines our commitment to professional excellence and assures you of our capability to deliver top-notch services.

Company history

  1. Purex is established 1985
  2. The Purex 6000 series is introduced 1988
  3. A new production facility opens 1989
  4. The Purex 7000 series launches, marking a new era 1993
  5. Purex debuts in the laser market 1994
  6. The Purex House production facility is inaugurated 1997
  7. The Purex 8000 series makes its grand debut 1998
  8. Purex House marks 50% growth 2000
  9. The patented design of the Labyrinth filter is unveiled 2001
  10. Hi-tech UK embarks on a new journey as Purex International 2002
  11. Purex joins forces with Domino, heralding an exciting era of growth 2004
  12. The innovative Purex 9000 series becomes available 2005
  13. Purex Americas opens for business 2006
  14. Purex begins operating independently, marking a new chapter 2015
  15. The Purex iFume series, our latest offering, launches 2015
  16. Purex moves to custom-designed premises, QWP House 2016
  17. A new fabrication facility in Brough, UK becomes operational 2018
  18. BSE completes the acquisition of Purex INC 2019
  19. Purex International becomes independently owned 2019
  20. The New Business Development Centre opens 2022
  21. Purex comes under collaborative ownership 2023
  22. Purex launches the 'Clean Air for Everyone' mission 2024
  23. A third production site is added, including investment in state-of-the-art equipment 2024

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