Case Studies

We invite you to explore our case studies, a diverse collection that showcases the breadth and depth of our work. These studies provide real-world examples of our innovative solutions in action.

  • Lev Testing Case Study

    Lev Testing Case Study

    At Purex we can LEV test any make or model of fume extraction, read more about the level of support we offer our customers. Read more
  • Dust Extraction Solution

    Dust Extraction Solution

    Read about a installation we carried out at our fabrication facility to remove the metal dust and provide clean air for all. Read more
  • Soldering Tip Extraction

    Soldering Tip Extraction

    Electronic manufacturing involves extensive soldering, leading to the generation of potentially harmful fumes. Our customer wanted to provide tip extraction to ensure optimal extraction from the source of the soldering iron. Read more
  • Welding Extraction

    Welding Extraction

    Our customer is a leading player in the metal fabrication industry, specializing in welding and assembly of metal structures. Read more about the filtration solution we provided. Read more
  • Laser Engraving

    Laser Engraving

    As the use of laser engravers for personalizing patterns and text on various materials continues to grow, ensuring proper air filtration has become increasingly critical. Discover why air filtration is essential and what Purex can offer to enhance your laser engraving operations. Read more
  • Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing

    Purex have been supplying extraction units to along with Stratasys H350 3D printer, in this case study we examine a install we carried out and look at why the Purex unit was used and how it has helped the company. Read more
  • Dental Case Study

    Dental Case Study

    The customer had a process involving multiple operatives carrying out adjustment work to dental molds. Read more
  • Soldering In An Education Setting

    Soldering In An Education Setting

    Our customer is a leader in the manufacturing training sector. The customer wanted to be able to provide a safe space for the students, to get hands of with creating electrical parts without the risk of inhaling dangerous fumes. Read more about how we provided this customer the solution they needed. Read more
  • LEV Installation

    LEV Installation

    Purex’s extensive knowledge and expertise in extraction and filtration, stretching back through our nearly 40-year history, allow us to provide a range of options to customers. Here, we supplied some non-Purex equipment to meet the customers’ demands. Read more
  • UK National Museum

    UK National Museum

    After a recent purchase from a UK National Museum, we sat down with the customer to ask a few questions. Read more