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Product Information

Yes, many of Purex's fume extractors are designed to be portable for ease of use and flexibility.

Consider factors like the type of process, the volume of fumes produced, and specific industry requirements. Alternatively, speak to a member of our team who can define the correct solution for your needs.

It is essential for maintaining air quality, ensuring worker safety, and complying with health and safety regulations.

Purex filters are designed to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of up to 99.97%.

Purex systems use a combination of HEPA and carbon filters to capture particulate matter and adsorb gases and odours.

Yes, certain models are equipped with remote monitoring capabilities through integrated digital interfaces.

Airflow rates vary by model but typically range from 150 to 5000 cubic meters per hour (m³/h).

The iFume system uses intelligent sensors to automatically adjust the extraction rate based on the detected fume levels.

Yes, Purex offers customisation options to meet specific industrial needs and applications.

Yes, we have an extensive download area where you can download everything you need here.

Integration and Compliance

Yes, Purex offers solutions that can be integrated with a variety of industrial equipment.

Purex systems are designed to meet or exceed local health and safety regulations.

Purex systems are designed to meet international standards such as OSHA, COSHH, and others, ensuring workplace safety.

Technical Support and Maintenance

Technical support is available through the Purex customer service team via the Chat system on our website, if that is not available, you can submit a support request here.

Filter replacement frequency depends on the usage and specific model; refer to the user manual for guidance or speak to a member of our team for further information.

Regular maintenance includes filter changes, inspection of the extraction arms and hoses, and ensuring proper airflow and suction levels.

Yes, many Purex models have built-in alarms that notify users when filters need replacement.

Machine Support

Please refer to your user manual to help diagnose what the different flashing codes mean.

  • Disconnect the pipe system from the inlet spigot and run the machine to eliminate blockage in the pipework/system, if the alarm continues, move onto the next step, if the alarm does not occur, check the pipework and system for blockages.
  • If the blockage is in the pipe system remove the blockage and retest.
  • If you have new filters, replace the old filters with the new filters individually starting with the pleated bag filter, shutting the door, and starting the machine on every change to determine which filter is blocked, start with the pleated bag filter then work your way up to the main filter. If you have no new filters, take your filters out individually and start the machine to determine which filter is blocked.
  • Whichever filter the alarm does not occur on is the filter that is blocked/exhausted.
  • If the problem continues, contact the Purex technical support team here.

  • Check if the filters are in good condition, change them individually and run the machine after every change to determine if a filter has been contaminated.
  • If the issue continues disconnect the pipe system from the inlet of the Purex machine and start the machine without anything attached to the inlet, the reason for this is the gas sensor in the machine may have detected the gas but the gas will need flushing out of the sensor, do this for around 30 minutes to 1 hour, if this resolves the issue reattach the system with filters in and start the machine.
  • If the problem continues, contact the Purex technical support team here.

Yes, we are able to organise a repair of your machine, please fill in the support request form here, where we can organise this for you.