At Purex, we stand at the cutting edge of technology, delivering industry leading machines and services. Our mission is to supply clean air solutions for everyone, encompassing both the visible and invisible outcomes of our endeavours. This spans from the components that we use, to the intricate aspects of our advanced systems. We promise to uphold the highest standards, for every customer. Read more about how our units operate, and the technologies employed to help us on our mission.

  • iFume Series

    iFume Series

    Our industry operating system giving you a vast array of information to help protect your workforce and process.

    IFume series
  • Digital Series

    Digital Series

    Our unique 9000 series offers reliability and practicality. Available on units with a wide range of airflows.

    Digital series
  • Analogue Series

    Analogue Series

    Read more about how the technology's available in our entry level extraction units.

    Analogue series
  • Steel Work

    Steel Work

    Experience the excellence of our steelwork, crafted in the UK with high quality steel that uphold the pinnacle of craftsmanship and longevity. Discover the quality difference on our website.

    Steel work
  • Blowers


    The blowers utilized in our industrial and commercial machines by Purex are engineered to accommodate a diverse array of applications. Explore their versatility and efficiency on our website.

  • Filters


    Explore our selection of filters, meticulously crafted f for durability and resistance. Discover the difference today!

  • Spark Arrestors

    Spark Arrestors

    Our spark arrestor box and tunnel are designed to keep your extraction machine safe from sparks. They extinguish sparks, cool and collect hot materials, and feature a removable section for easy cleaning. Safety and convenience in one package.

    Spark arrestor
  • Capture Methods

    Capture Methods

    Purex offer a wide range of extraction methods to capture the fumes from the source and extract them away from your process, and keep your the user safe. Different capture methods can be utilisted dependant on your needs, below are some examples of what Purex can offer. 

    Capture methods