Fume Extraction For The Dust Removal Industry 

Our Purex machines are capable of providing protection against a variety of operations such as blasting, grinding, cutting, and woodworking. These reliable and versatile machines can handle heavy dust removal. The health risks associated with these operations can include dermatitis, lung diseases, and even cancer if the right protection is not applied. Grinding dust, produced from materials such as drilling and chiselling, can cause conditions like Silicosis (COPD) and asthma. Purex machines ensure safety for both the operator and the environment.

Typical Applications


Blasting involves projecting a stream of abrasive particles onto a surface with compressed air. The commonly known substance used during this process is silica sand that can release respirable crystalline silica (RCS) or silica dust. Silica 'Si' dust can be extremely harmful when inhaled into the lungs. Purex fume extraction systems are designed to filter through dust particles to provide safe airborne defence against harmful dust fumes.


The use of an angle grinder, automated grinding machine, or die grinder can create dust and particles that may pollute your working environment unless they are properly captured and filtered at the source. Grinding dust, produced from activities such as drilling and chiseling, can lead to conditions like silicosis (a form of COPD) and asthma. Our Purex machines offer an effective solution for extracting dust from various grinding methods.


Woodworking creates wood dust or sawdust when machines or tools are used to saw, cut, plane, shape, or sand wood. Depending on the length of exposure, wood dust can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, and can cause difficulty breathing. Our Purex dust extraction system ensures safety for both the operator and the environment, providing an additional level of protection.

Wood Dust

Wood dust is a byproduct of countless applications used throughout a range of industries. Therefore, our team at Purex has developed a variety of dust removal systems designed to accommodate diverse working environments and woodworking processes. Learn how our fume extractors can improve safety throughout your workshop.

Dust Extraction Solution
Case Study

Dust Extraction Solution

Read about a installation we carried out at our fabrication facility to remove the metal dust and provide clean air for all.

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