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400 - 800 m3/h

Core Collection 

The Core Collection offers versatile, high-performance machines designed for efficient and smooth application performance. This Collection includes machines such as the 650, 750 Range and the 800 Range. These are designed to deliver an efficient and smooth performance for your specific applications.

Our Core Collection of products

  • 650

    The Purex 650 is a machine designed for arm extraction, with its powerful capabilities and cost efficient operations, this machine has been designed to accommodate multiple industries.

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  • 750 Range

    The Purex 750 range is a high-performance unit and with automatic electronic flow control it ensures smooth operation. The series offers the 750 2-Tier and 750 3-Tier models, catering to diverse needs.

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  • 800 Range

    The Purex 800 range are advanced, automated extraction units, designed to provide superior protection for your operations. Each unit is precise, powerful, and ensures high performance.

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