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Essential Collection

The Essential Collection by Purex is designed to elevate the performance and quality of your specific applications. This comprehensive collection encompasses the 2-Tip, 3-15 Tip, Cub3d, Fumecube Range, Fumebuster, LaserSafe, and our distinguished 200 Range. Each product in this collection is crafted to provide superior performance, ensuring your needs are met with precision and reliability.

Our Essential Collection of products

  • 2 Tip

    The Purex 2-Tip is a cost-effective solution that enhances your individual requirements. Designed with your unique needs in mind, this innovative product features a built-in LED filter block warning feature which makes this machine a practical solution.

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  • 3 - 15 Tip

    The Purex 3-15 Tip is a high-performing solution which is not only cost effective but also designed with precision. The unit comes equipped with an LED filter block warning system, ensuring the operators safety and efficiency.

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  • Cub3d

    The Purex Cub3d is both a cost-effective and high-performing unit. This unit has been specifically designed to cater to the unique demands of the 3D printing industry.

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  • FumeCube Range

    The Purex FumeCube is a multi-purpose unit, with its high performance capabilities, you can run the extraction unit without any loss of efficiency. Whilst offering highly effective and economical flexibility for your specific requirements.

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  • FumeBuster

    The Purex FumeBuster is our flexible and portable machine that makes it an ideal choice for dynamic workspaces. Its superior high air flow capacity makes it most effective for high gas process's.

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  • Lasersafe

    The Purex Lasersafe is an affordable solution, with its compact size the machine can be effortlessly relocated. This makes the machine a cost effective choice designed to maintain a consistent extraction rate and decreased down time.

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  • 200 Range

    The Purex 200 Range is a versatile solution and is designed for maximum efficiency and performance. This machine comes equipped with an informative graphic display and offers low running costs, making it a cost effective solution.

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