Base Unit Range

The Purex Base units, designed as bench-type fume extraction systems, serve as a protective shield for your workspace, effectively eliminating harmful pollutants. These units are highly sought after in the laser industry, particularly for their exceptional performance in filtering fumes generated from intensive laser engraving and cutting processes.

Their compact design allows them to fit seamlessly into any workspace, while their advanced filtration technology ensures a clean and safe environment. This makes them an invaluable asset for businesses that prioritise health and safety without compromising on efficiency.

Whether you’re in the business of laser engraving or cutting, the Purex Base units provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for maintaining a pollutant-free workspace. Experience the difference with Purex Base units - your trusted partner in creating a safer and healthier working environment.

Key features

Highest grade HEPA and carbon technology

A multi-layered defence system against airborne particles and chemicals, making essential components in maintaining clean and healthy indoor air.

Varicoloured filter blocked warning system

The filter blocked warning system reduces downtime and extends the lifespan of the filtering equipment, ensuring a consistently safe and clean working environment.

Automatic electronic flow control

Engineered to maintain a constant extraction rate even as the filter begins to block, ensuring consistent performance and efficiency over time.

…plus these other great benefits

  • Easy to relocate
  • Quiet in operation
  • Simple to install

Base Unit Range

  • Ebase


    The Purex Ebase Fume Extraction System reliably maintains a clean and safe working environment by effectively eliminating harmful contaminants. Its low-profile design allows a laser engraving device to be placed on top, reducing the overall footprint, or it can be positioned under pre-existing work benches. Renowned in the Laser Industry, the Ebase fume extractor is particularly recommended for heavy-duty tasks like laser engraving and cutting.

  • Xbase


    The Purex Xbase Fume Extraction System ensures a clean and safe working environment by efficiently removing harmful contaminants. Its compact design allows a laser engraving device to be placed on top, minimising the required space, or it can fit under existing work benches. Well-regarded in the Laser Industry, the Xbase fume extractor is especially recommended for laser engraving and cutting tasks.


100v - 230v
50Hz / 60Hz
715mm - 750mm
707mm - 975mm
691mm - 700mm
70kg - 80kg
350m3/h - 400m3/h

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