Included In LEV Installations

Upon the installation of your Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system by our certified engineers, you will be provided with an LEV logbook. This logbook is a mandatory requirement for all LEV systems. It serves as a record-keeping tool that includes the schedules for servicing and maintenance of your LEV system. It also keeps track of any services conducted, parts replaced, and repairs made to your LEV system. According to COSHH Regulation 9 that a performance and safety test be conducted at a minimum interval of every 14 months. We advise arranging your service appointment with us soon after the installation of your unit.

LEV Maintenance And Servicing

LEV Maintenance And Servicing

Once your LEV system has been installed, COSHH Regulation 9 stipulates that it must be tested ‘at least once every 14 months’ to ensure optimal performance and safety. Therefore, we recommend scheduling your service with us shortly after your unit has been fitted. Why? With over 30 years of experience, our industry expertise, paired with our unwavering commitment to our customers, makes us the go-to business for all your fume extraction and LEV needs.

Your LEV Log Book

Once our qualified engineers have installed your LEV system, you will receive an LEV log book. All LEV systems are required to keep a logbook that includes:

  • Schedules for servicing and maintenance
  • Records of any services, replacements, and repairs made to your LEV system

If you have any questions about your LEV system, log book, or our services, please contact our team. We also have a technical helpline available, so you can contact our team for support wherever you are in your fume extraction journey.

Why Choose Purex?

With a solid foundation of three decades in the industry and an unwavering commitment to our customers, we stand as your first choice for all your fume extraction and LEV needs. Our P601 & P602 Accredited LEV engineers are committed to providing top-notch installation services. Adhering to our thorough safety procedures, we assure the efficient and effective installation of a COSHH-compliant LEV system tailored to your specific needs.

LEV Installation
Case Study

LEV Installation

Purex’s extensive knowledge and expertise in extraction and filtration, stretching back through our nearly 40-year history, allow us to provide a range of options to customers. Here, we supplied some non-Purex equipment to meet the customers’ demands.

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The Purex engineer was very helpful and knowledgeable, he found a problem with one of the systems, came up with a solution and got things working as they should.


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