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Purex have a dedicated team of LEV engineers located around the country, read more to find out what a LEV test is and how Purex can assist in keeping you compliant with COSHH regulations and keep your workforce healthy and happy.

What’s Included In An LEV Test?

An LEV test involves a thorough examination of your LEV system, assessing technical performance to ensure compliance with industry standards and HSE guidelines. The inspection will include:

  • A visual examination of the entire system to check the mechanical integrity and cleanliness of your system
  • A thorough inspection of all components, including ducts, hoods, filters and fans
  • Airflow measurements and alarm system checks

Once the test has been performed, you will receive a detailed report, outlining key metrics and insights (like velocity and pressure readings), plus any faults that were identified during the test. This certificate will also state whether your LEV system is safe for use.

If you fail your LEV test, corrective actions should be taken immediately to ensure your system is HSE compliant. These actions could range from minor adjustments to replacing components or even the entire system. However, with regular servicing and maintenance, your system should have no problem passing your annual LEV test.

LEV Testing Frequency

LEV Testing Frequency

According to COSHH Regulation 9 that a performance and safety test be conducted at a minimum interval of every 14 months. We advise arranging your service appointment with us soon after the installation of your unit. However, if your fume extraction system is used regularly, we recommend scheduling more frequent maintenance checks. With regular servicing and maintenance, you can confidently anticipate passing your annual LEV test.

Importance of LEV testing

Ensuring the health and safety of employees is crucially important in any workplace. One main key aspect of this is the regular testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems. These systems play a key role in maintaining a safe working environment by extracting harmful fumes and dust.

When an LEV system is not functioning effectively, it can lead to serious health complications among employees. These include conditions such as asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), acute pneumonia, asphyxiation, and even lung cancer.

It is, therefore, a legal obligation for employers, under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulation 9, to regularly test their fume extraction systems. This ensures that they are working efficiently and effectively.

Failure to comply with these regulations not only puts the health of employees at risk but also means that the systems will not be COSHH compliant. This can have serious implications, including voiding health insurance against cases related to faulty or ineffective extraction.

In conclusion, regular LEV testing is not just a legal requirement, but a vital step in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of employees. Education and awareness about the importance of LEV testing are key to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.


LEV Log Book

LEV Log Book

Once our qualified engineers have serviced your LEV system, it’s important to update your LEV log book. All LEV systems are required to keep a log book that includes:

Schedules for servicing and maintenance
Records of any services, replacements, and repairs made to your LEV system
If you have any questions about your LEV system, log book or our services, please contact our team. We have a technical help line, so we support you daily with the maintenance of your machine.

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