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Regular servicing and maintenance is essential to ensuring your LEV systems are working effectively and efficiently. Our team at Purex perform LEV services on all types of LEV systems (not just Purex fume extractors) to ensure your fume extraction system is always HSE compliant and provides a safe environment for your employees and LEV operators. Read on to learn more about LEV maintenance or book your service by clicking the link below.


What’s included in an LEV Service?

Our LEV services are designed to evaluate the performance of your fume extraction system and identify any issues before they become a hazard. In turn, our LEV service and maintenance visits ensure your LEV system is COSSH compliant year-round. Our LEV servicing includes:

Visual checks of the entire system to identify any signs of wear and tear (i.e. dents or punctures).

A thorough inspection of all components – including hoods, filters and fans to identify whether any components need replacing.

 – Ducting checks to identify and remedy any blockages that could eventually lead to a system failure.

 – Electronic checks to ensure all control panels and electronic features are fully functioning.

A thorough cleaning of all parts (where applicable) to ensure optimal performance.

Once our engineers have finished servicing your LEV system, they will share their findings and provide any additional recommendations to prevent down time or system failures in the future. These recommendations can range from minor adjustments to replacing components. Thankfully, at Purex, we supply, develop and install a wide variety of bespoke parts and fume extraction solutions, so there’s no need to outsource!

Plus, with regular servicing and maintenance, you should have no problem passing your annual LEV test!

LEV Servicing Frequency

According to COSHH Regulation 9, all LEV Systems should be tested ‘at least once every 14 months’ unless otherwise stipulated. Therefore, we recommend servicing your fume extraction system at least once a year to ensure optimal performance before scheduling your LEV test. However, if your fume extraction system is used regularly, we recommend scheduling more frequent maintenance checks.

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The Importance of LEV Maintenance

In addition to ensuring the continued safety of your employees, regular LEV servicing and maintenance can offer a variety of benefits, including:

Reducing the risk of breakdowns that could endanger staff and halt production.

Increasing the longevity of your LEV system by regularly cleaning, maintaining and components.

Ensuring you pass your LEV test, by reviewing your fume extraction system before formally assessing it.

Reducing company costs otherwise spent on system repairs or replacements.

Your LEV Log Book

Once our qualified engineers have serviced your LEV system, it’s important to update your LEV log book. All LEV systems are required to keep a log book that includes:

Schedules for servicing and maintenance

Records of any services, replacements, and repairs made to your LEV system

If you have any questions about your LEV system, log book or our services, please contact our team. We have a technical help line, so we support you daily with the maintenance of your machine.

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 Why choose Purex?

Over 30 years experience supplying and servicing the highest quality LEV equipment

Exceptional customer service and technical support

Proudly delivering intelligent fume extraction technology across the globe

LEV services on all LEV systems (not just Purex products)

P601 Accredited LEV Engineers


Read what our trusted customers have said about LEV services:

“[Purex] have been exemplary, any problems have always been dealt with in a positive way. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

“Purex did a thorough and professional job of testing our equipment and made recommendations for future filter purchases.”

“Purex have done our service for this year and last. They have always been friendly, professional and a great help! They’re much appreciated by our team.”

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