How does a laser cutter fume extractor work?

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Where are you right now, and what can you see around you? Perhaps you can see a lamp, table and chairs – or maybe you can spot jewellery, tools or catering equipment? Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, it’s likely that you’re around a product that has used laser cutting during development.

Laser cutting is an increasingly popular process which is used to create a range of products from many industries that keep our day-to-day ticking over. From interior design and jewellery to medical supplies and aerospace equipment, we’ve got laser cutting to thank.

But, did you know, that despite providing society with an infinite number of objects and products we know and love, the process of laser cutting itself – if not conducted correctly – can have detrimental effects? That’s where the importance of fume extraction systems come in.

What is laser cutting?

The definition of laser cutting is that it’s a type of technology which requires a laser to vaporise materials which results in a cut edge. Generally, this type of technology is used for industrial manufacturing applications, but with the demand for 3D printing ever-increasing in today’s society, the requirement for laser cutting also extends to other industries, such as schools, small businesses, hobbyists and more.

Are laser cutting fumes hazardous?

In short, yes. Through the laser cutting process, harmful fumes and gases are released into the atmosphere. Without effective fume extraction, these toxic fumes can cause damage to products, equipment, the environment, and employee health.

This therefore results in a high demand for fume extraction systems to keep the priorities of both employee health and equipment/product efficiency at the forefront. Without fume extractors, laser cutting can be seen as not sustainable, and a detrimental process for the environment.

What is a laser cutting fume extractor?

A fume extractor system operates to remove the harmful gases and fumes derived from laser cutting, and other forms of 3D manufacturing. By ridding the air of these damaging fumes, environmental sustainability can be maintained, as well as keeping employee health as a priority for a company. Fume extraction systems aren’t just a requirement in the laser cutting industry – demands for fume extractors spread across the welding industry, electronic soldering companies and even dental practices. Learn more about what a fume extraction system is and how it works today from our helpful guide.

Choosing Purex for your laser cutting fume extraction needs

So, why should you choose Purex to undertake this crucial job? As well as offering high-quality customer support – including a 24-hour technical support line – our expert team are there for you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our start-to-end projects and our ability to provide a significantly shorter lead time than our competitors.

Enquire online now to find out more about which is the best filter for laser fumes, and learn more about how we can help your company today. Alternatively, check your existing fume extraction system by booking an LEV Test with our team.