Why the electronic industry needs fume extraction

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The manufacturing of electronics requires a closed environment, in order to limit the amount of dust and humidity affecting the electronic components. However, this environment is very dangerous for the people working in these environments for many reasons, such as:

  • Solder fumes: this process requires joining together small electronic components with molten metal. The result of this is bad colophony fumes that contains metal vapour and particles. Fumes from this process can cause damage to worker’s organs over time, and expose them to various health risks.
  • Chemical fumes: solvents, resents and cleaning agents all release fumes which can cause health issues over the long time, due to vapor build up.
  • Causes company downtime: electric manufacturer buildings are prone to static build-up, which can be very detrimental as it can severely damage equipment.

How can fume extraction help the electronic industry?

Here at Purex, our fume extraction systems can eliminate the harmful effects of the electronics sector requirements on workers and companies. Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Conformal Coating: harmful and odorous fumes can easily be managed with our filtration systems, removing conformal coating smells.
  • Laser Depaneling: working with lasers is our specialism! The depaneling process causes particles and gases to be released from the FR4 material. Our systems captures and filters these laser fumes, creating a clean and safe workplace.
  • Hand soldering: this process causes the worker to be in close proximity to the fumes, exposing them to illness concerns such as asthma and acne. We offer a full line ranging from 1 station to 50. Our capture options including stainless-steel arms, soldering tip, cabinets, hoods and cowls.
  • Robotic Soldering: this type of selective soldering is becoming increasingly popular, and requires more complex systems. Our extraction equipment is both portable and flexible enough to deal with enclosed selective solder machines.
  • Wave/Reflow Ovens: maintaining air flow is one of the most important aspects of fume extraction. Our technology not only monitors and maintains air flow, but can also be used to save your company money by utilising the heat in the winter with our reflow systems.

The solution: iFume 400i Orange

We have so many different filtration systems all suited for different industries. Our iFume 400i Orange is especially designed for hand and machine soldering. This air filtering machine is automatic, allowing for easy instillation. Our digital system is easy to use – adjust the airflow using the touchscreen display.

On top of this, the iFume has low running costs, and will save your company downtime by protecting your equipment.

The iFume 400i is just one product of our wide range. If you are need of any fume extractors for your business, why not browse our wide of products? Purex has got you covered.

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