Purex fume extractors use exclusive technology to effectively clean your dirty air, keeping employees, neighbours and even your budget in good shape.



The use of Lasers for cutting, marking or engraving different materials create a wide range of laser fumes. Purex fume extractors are designed with both the safety of the operator and the laser in mind. Providing high pressure extraction and filtration with air monitoring for ease of filter maintenance.

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Electronics manufacturing applications require many different solutions. Many of the processes used in the creation of electrical components create fumes and use chemicals that require extraction and filtration. Purex have solutions for the wide range of electronic manufacturing needs, whilst taking care of worker safety.

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Dental laboratory manufacturing processes cause dust particles and fumes to be released that can be harmful if inhaled. Our products eliminate the risks by extracting the fumes and particles and returning the filtered air back to the work place.

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Dental Aerosol Extraction

Many dental processes, such as the use of aerosols, can make for a much more concentrated burst of salvia. Potentially putting all those at risk of capturing any viruses present, whilst also infecting tools and equipment. The DentalEX has been designed to reduce this risk.

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Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, the process of creating objects through 3D printing, causes a range of harmful particles to be produced. Purex fume extraction units can extract these particles and provide clean air back to the user.

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The need for fume extraction is everywhere! Purex have been providing fume extraction for over 30 years. We have solutions for all kinds of applications with technology to make your area safer and your air cleaner! Contact us for more information on your specific industry needs.

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