Aerosol and virus extraction providing an extra layer of protection

Dental Aerosol Extraction

The DentalEX has been designed for dental aerosol extraction. This provides the dental industry with an extra layer of protection and reducing the dependence upon the mask as the last line of airborne defence. With its multi position arm and easy to use design, it slots straight into the dental work place. Purex units are designed and manufactured in the UK providing the quality and reliability that is required.

Coronavirus or Covid-19, has forced all industries to review their working practices. This is especially important in the dental industry. Covid-19 and other viruses are commonly transmitted between humans on the saliva. Many dental processes, such as the use of aerosols, can make for a much more concentrated burst of salvia than the average person would ever receive, potentially putting all those at risk of capturing any viruses present, whilst also infecting tools and equipment.

HEPA filtration has been proven for many years as an effective solution for filtering viruses. During a study conducted by the CDC. Titled ‘Methods for Surge Airborne Isolation within Healthcare Settings during Response to a Natural or Manmade Epidemic’, confirmed that HEPA filtration “provide better real-time source protection from infectious aerosol than that expected to result from an N95 respirator (Mead et al.,2012)

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