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LEV testing is essential to maintaining a safe working environment for your employees and LEV operators. Our team at Purex offer LEV tests on all LEV systems (not just Purex fume extractors) to ensure your fume extraction system is operating safely, efficiently and is HSE compliant. Read on to learn more about our LEV Testing services or book your appointment by clicking the link below.



What’s included in an LEV Test?

An LEV test involves a thorough examination of your LEV system, assessing technical performance to ensure compliance with industry standards and HSE guidelines. The inspection will include:

  • A visual examination of the entire system to check the mechanical integrity and cleanliness of your system.
  • A thorough inspection of all components, including ducts, hoods, filters and fans.
  • Airflow measurements and alarm system checks

Once the test has been performed, you will receive a detailed report, outlining key metrics and insights (like velocity and pressure readings), plus any faults that were identified during the test. This certificate will also state whether your LEV system is safe for use.

If you fail your LEV test, corrective actions should be taken immediately to ensure your system is HSE compliant. These actions could range from minor adjustments to replacing components or even the entire system. However, with regular servicing and maintenance, your system should have no problem passing your annual LEV test.

LEV Testing Frequency 

According to COSHH Regulation 9, all LEV Systems should be tested ‘at least once every 14 months’ unless otherwise stipulated. However, we recommend testing your fume extraction system once a year to ensure optimal performance.

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The Importance of LEV Testing

Regular LEV testing is vital to maintaining the health and safety of your employees. If your LEV system is not working effectively, it can cause serious health issues, including, but not limited to:

  • – Asthma
  • – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • – Acute pneumonia
  • – Asphyxiation
  • – Lung cancer

Therefore, employers are legally obligated to regularly test their fume extraction systems (under COSHH Regulation 9) to ensure they’re working efficiently. If not, their systems will not be COSHH compliant, and their health insurance will be void against cases regarding faulty or ineffective extraction.



 Why choose Purex?

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LEV services on all LEV systems (not just Purex products)

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What is LEV?

LEV, or Local Exhaust Ventilation, is a fume extraction system that removes harmful contaminants like dust, fumes and vapour from the air.

Why do I need an LEV system?

LEV fume extraction systems are imperative to maintaining your employees’ health and safety. They prevent occupational diseases like asthma, lung scarring and lung disease caused by inhaling hazardous substances.

What is an LEV test?

An LEV test is a thorough inspection and evaluation of your LEV equipment to ensure it is working effectively.  

What does LEV testing involve?

An LEV test involves examining your equipment – including hoods, filters, and ducts – to measure the technical performance of your LEV system. Our experts will also assess whether your fume extraction system is the most effective extractor for your facility.

All our LEV inspections are carried out according to HSE guidelines to ensure your system is safe and COSHH compliant. However, if your system is not up to the required standards, our experts at Purex will provide recommendations to resolve the issue.

Why is LEV testing important? 

As stated in the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), it is a legal requirement for employers to maintain safe working conditions for their employees. Therefore, any employer that uses LEV techniques in the workplace must have their equipment examined and tested at least “every 14 months” to ensure the safety of their equipment and their employees.

What are the regulations for LEV systems?

COSHH 2002 (Control of Substances Hazard to Health) outlines exposure limits, preventative guidelines and ongoing reductions of the contact between people and hazardous gas and particulates. Under COSHH, companies must take steps to prevent, control, maintain and monitor dust and fume exposure in the workplace, as laid out in regulation 9.

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