How To Train Your Employees On The Proper Use LEV Systems

No matter the industry you work in, if you require a fume extraction system, it’s important that all of your employees are trained on the proper use of your LEV system. Adequate training is crucial for the health and safety of your employees and for the effective control of hazardous substances in the workplace. This guide covers our top recommendations for training your employees on the proper use of LEV systems.


Make sure everyone knows the LEV principles

Educate your team on the purpose and benefits of LEV systems. LEV systems are designed to control and minimise the exposure of workers to hazardous substances in the workplace to create a safer and healthier working environment. Employees need to understand the importance of LEV system’s role in trapping and removing hazardous substances such as ABS filament fumes and hydrochloric acid fumes.


Provide an overview of your LEV system

Introduce your employees to the different components used in your LEV system including;

  • Hood: Designed to capture and contain hazardous airborne substances at the source
  • Ductwork: A network of channels that transport the captured contaminants from the source through to the ventilation system for proper extraction and disposal.
  • Filters: Filters are used to remove solid particles and contaminants from the captured airflow to clean the airflow.
  • Fans: Fans provide the necessary airflow needed to create a negative pressure or suction to draw out the contaminated air and take them through the LEV system.
  • Control devices: The controls are used to monitor and manage the operation of the system, ensuring it works effectively.


It’s important to explain these components in a way that can be easily understood so that employees can understand how these components work together to effectively control hazardous substances.


Make sure all employees are aware of hazards and risks

Ensure that all employees are educated about the specific substances they handle or encounter in the workplace. It’s important to make sure that all employees are aware of the consequences of potential exposure and how LEV systems can minimize exposure and protect their health.


Demonstrate proper use and maintenance

Proper use and maintenance help to ensure that all the components of your LEV system work effectively at removing airborne contaminants from your environment.

You should provide proper training on regular maintenance such as cleaning filters, checking the airflow or how to report any issues.


For more information on why proper maintenance is important, read our guide.


Provide training on troubleshooting and compliance

You should provide proper training on common issues such as filter changes or blockages so that any issues can be recognised and reported to the appropriate personnel.


Any workplace that deals with airborne contaminants needs to be HSG258 compliant, and a competent person should be responsible for providing thorough testing.


Provide refresher training when needed

Periodic refresher training sessions are useful in order to reinforce the importance of the role LEV plays in controlling hazardous substances.


Demonstrate the importance of regular testing

Here at Purex, we offer a thorough LEV inspection and conduct LEV testing to ensure it’s working effectively. Any workplace that uses LEV must have its equipment examined at least every 14 months to ensure the safety of their equipment and their employees. Book your LEV test or find out more about LEV testing.


Looking for the right fume extraction solution for your business? Check our product offering to find the best match for your business, or speak with one of our experts to find the right system for your needs today.

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