Benefits of fume extraction

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In many environments, fume extraction is vital – not only for health and safety reasons, but also for creating a comfortable environment where people will want to live and work. In many cases, fume extraction is essential for health and safety and is a legal requirement.

What is a fume extraction system?

Firstly, it’s helpful to explain exactly what a fume extractor is. Fume extractors are tools that collect, extract and filtrate hazardous particles from fumes – they work by vacuuming contaminated air into a filtration system, disposing of toxic fumes.

They come in various sizes – you can get fume extractors for portable units as well as benchtop units, and mounted units. Some of the most common industries where fume extraction is essential are:

Fume extractions benefits

So, what are the main benefits of fume extractors for businesses?  

  • Reduces health effects: the most important benefit of fume extractor systems is their ability to reduce toxic carcinogens from entering environments. Some fumes can have serious effects on the human body and could cause illnesses such as liver damage, kidney damage, brain damage, lung cancer and, in some cases, fatalities. Fume extractor systems are essential in removing this toxicity from the atmosphere – as well as disposing of them safely.
  • Better employee wellbeing: aside from the obvious health safety measures fume extraction brings, fume extractor systems also provide a level of comfort and may put employees’ minds at ease, as they can rest assured they are working in a safe environment. This will also most likely improve productivity and general workplace happiness.
  • Less company downtime: toxic fumes can also affect machinery and causes damage to equipment itself, causing it to malfunction or be unusable. This leads to company downtime which, in turn, could affect your profits – which is why fume extraction systems will save you money in the long run.
  • Impact on the environment – not only are employees’ health and safety at risk, but by not having an effective fume extracting system, you could be harming the environment, too. If your machines or equipment are producing harmful gases, these then go into the atmosphere. By not filtering the fumes will simply mean the source of the contaminants is passed on to where the air is extracted to.

Why choose Purex?

Here at Purex, we’ve been creating fume extraction equipment for over 30 years, meaning we are well versed in the industry. With this industry experience, we are the experts – and we are able to provide you with high-quality technical support as all of our products are engineered with quality in mind.

We provide a 24-hour technical support service, as well as efficient response times and deliver start-to-end projects. Learn more about fume extractor systems by browsing our fume extractors, or for more information contact our helpful team. Alternatively, check your existing fume extraction system by booking an LEV Test with our team.