Purex fume extractors are designed with both the safety of the operator and the laser in mind. Providing high pressure extraction with air monitoring for ease of filter maintenance.


At Purex, our extensive range of laser fume extractors are designed to accommodate a variety of processes and industry-specific requirements. Created with operators and equipment in mind, our fume extractors are efficient, effective and supplied with built-in air monitors for effortless maintenance. With models across our Analogue, Digital and iFume series, our laser fume extraction systems combat hazardous airborne contaminants to protect your employees and your equipment. Learn how our fume extractors can support your laser processes:

Marking & Coding

Laser marking and coding involves burning or vaporising the surface of a material to create permanent, legible markings. However, as a by-product of this process, laser operators are often exposed to harmful particles and vapours. Without an effective ventilation system, these contaminants can damage laser equipment and significantly impact the health of employees.

At Purex, we offer a wide selection of fume extraction systems designed for laser marking and coding. Explore our products now or contact a member of our team – they will help you select the correct unit for your business, ensuring the safety of your staff and your laser machine.


Similarly to marking and coding, laser engraving involves vaporising materials to create permanent markings. However, laser engravings create significantly deeper grooves than surface-level markings. In turn, the volume of vapourised material and hazardous fumes also increases. Therefore, it’s essential that laser operators have a highly effective fume extractor in place.

Improper extraction can lead to serious health issues for your employees whilst also impacting the efficiency and quality of your work. For example, beam divergence may require you to replace your laser optics which can be time-consuming and costly.

Thankfully, our high-pressure, multi-stage, laser cutting fume extractors are designed to address these exact issues. With various models to accommodate your exact needs, our experts at Purex can help your source the most effective fume extraction system for your operations. Discover our products online or contact a member of our team for advice.

PVC Application

Whilst the extraction process for PVC application is similar to laser marking and engraving, PVC releases highly toxic fumes – including Hydrochloric Acid – when exposed to extreme temperatures. These fumes are not only incredibly dangerous when inhaled, but they also wreak havoc on standard fume extraction units. Machines not designed for PVC application will eventually corrode, impacting critical components of the unit and ultimately allowing dangerous gases to re-enter the workplace. So, to address this issue, our team at Purex have designed laser fume extractors specifically for PVC application.

Our PVC laser fume extractors are efficient, easy to maintain and provide ongoing protection for employees and equipment. Available across our Digital and iFume series, our experts can advise you on the best equipment for your PVC application processes.

Recommended Machines:

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5000i 1500i 400i PVC
5000i 1500i 400i PVC

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