Purex Do Not Use Subcontractors

This is a reminder that Purex do not use sub-contractors!

We at Purex pride ourselves on our quality work and industry beating service.

It has come to our attention that a company is informing customers that they are associated with the Purex brand. Please note that Purex are not associated with sub-contracting our testing services in any format.

However, they continue to contact our customer base much to the annoyance of our very happy customers and attempt to undercut our prices and quality. The test you receive will be for a quick LEV test, our customers have complained this is sometimes 15 minutes at best; which the report is then written by a separate person in an office, who has no knowledge of the systems that have been tested.

Purex have worked hard as company to build a reputation for having world leading aftercare with all our service engineers having a comprehensive knowledge of our machines.

Please, be careful; use them at your risk and if in doubt contact Purex directly on 01405 746030.