Q&A: Carl Wagstaff (LEV Engineer)

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Here at Purex, we understand it’s not just the technology that makes the company great – it’s the people. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to showcase some of the amazing people behind the company. Today, we got a chance to get to know our brand-new LEV engineer, Carl Wagstaff, a little better!

Joining Purex as our new LEV engineer

Carl has recently jumped on board with Purex in a role of a Service and LEV engineer. As a brand new team member, Carl has only been at Purex for just over four weeks – so this felt like the perfect time to get to him know a little better! Before starting Purex, Carl used to work at one of the largest fume extractor industries for 34 years – Donaldson – before he decided to make a career change.

He previously worked as a Servicing Engineer, specialising in  P601 & P602 courses where he practiced and expanded his knowledge of LEV. Carl then decided to start something new as an LEV engineer with Purex. Carl says:

“LEV testing is the same, no matter what type it is! You are making sure its operators are protected from harmful dust or fume particles. I describe it as a bit like a MOT for your extraction unit and is a requirement by law, according to the HSE258 regulations”.

My main task is servicing Purex units by changing filters and then LEV testing to make sure they are doing what they were designed to do! We will test any make or model.”

When asked when his favourite Purex model is, Carl replied:

“I love the little FumeCube – it’s a very popular product for something so small, so it’s a really great product and easy for the customer to work with. It is easily serviced as it only has one or two arms.”

Carl also commented that he is loving his new job so far, and that he hopes to work for Purex for a very long time to come!

A little bit about Carl

Outside of the walls of Purex, Carl was asked what his hobbies were outside of work:

“I love walking our cockapoo Bella on the beach, cycling, and I am lucky enough to have five acres of land, which needs looking after for my wife’s horses.

We love growing our own produce, and my wife and I have been married for 36 years. We have two kids who are 35 and 34 years old, and we also have two grandchildren who we love to spoil. We’re actually saving up to take them all Lapland 2023!”

For more information on LEV testing, or our fume extraction services, contact our helpful team today. Alternatively, check your existing fume extraction system by booking an LEV Test with our team.