Q&A: Tobi Bryant (LEV Engineer)

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Purex isn’t simply about the technology, it’s about the people, too. That’s why we’ve put together this Q&A series to showcase the amazing staff we have on board. This month, we welcome our newest member Tobi Bryant, who works as a LEV engineer.

Joining Purex as our new LEV engineer

Tobi started at Purex in April, however, his history in ventilation engineering began long before then. He started working in ventilation when he was working in installing ductwork and its internal cleaning about eight years ago.

However, wanting to challenge himself more, he decided to branch out in hospital ventilation engineering, where he received more experience of LEV systems.

“While working in hospital ventilation engineering, I was given the opportunity to undertake an P601 course, as clients were requesting we test some on site LEV systems. After this, LEV testing became a core part of my job role.”

During an extensive P600 course, Tobi was able to learn the ins and outs of LEV testing – he also learnt about the importance of LEV engineers, as there is an extreme shortage in the country.

After working in the hospital industry for just over four years, Tobi decided it was time to make a career change:

“After a face-to-face interview with my manager, I could see Purex as a company I would like to work for. I could see they were a company willing to invest in new technology and new ideas to streamline businesses. The forward thinking and opportunities provided made making my next employment decision very simple”.

A little bit about Tobi

When asked about his favourite Purex product, Tobi replied:

“I would say that the 400i series is one of my top-rated units. They are used in many places (such as schools and production facilities), are portable, and provide both ease of use for the end user and are designed to be efficiently maintained.”

We wanted to understand a little more about Tobi as a person outside of Purex, so when asked what his hobbies were outside of work, he responded:

“When I’m not working, I’m usually trying to decide what to do with my house! I was lucky enough to be able to afford my house at the end of last year, so there is plenty to be done! I also try to maintain my skill in martial arts. I have done many martial arts since the age of 11 and I will always keep trying new ones.”

“I like to keep my knowledge on environmental sustainability current, as these issues are important to me, I have to keep my charted membership through my environmental science degree.”

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