Why dental companies need fume extraction

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Dental procedures are a dreaded yet essential part of everyday life – however, did you know that the fumes caused by dental equipment can cause harm to both the environment and the human body?

Zirconia and Monomers are toxic particles that are present in the vast majority of dental labs, and these gasses are detrimental to human health. Having contact with these fumes can cause health related illness such as itchy skin and colds, lung damage and even occupational asthma. Prolonging exposure to these dangerous gasses is detrimental to dental technicians in the long term, though these small particles are invisible to the naked human eye. In our helpful guide, we will discuss the harmful effects of these toxins and how effective fume extraction is essential for dental companies.

How does dental machinery release harmful gasses?

Dentistry equipment such as drills, dental scalers and other equipment all release toxic fumes – these gasses are called monomers and can have a detrimental impact on dental technicians’ health. Monomers can cause adverse health advice such as: irritation to the eyes, nose and skin, as well as more serious effects, including liver toxicity, damages to the nervous system, and fertility issues. Fume extraction works to safely dispose of these particles, lessening the risk of these health issues for staff.

These fumes are not only detrimental to human health, they also impact the dental equipment used as well. The particle build-up on the machines can cause downtime for your company – as monomers hinder the reliability of your dental equipment by causing technical issues.

The solution: Analogue DentalEX – Dental Air Purifier

Our dental air purifier unit provides the essential protection healthcare professionals need. The Analogue DentalEX is equipped with an automatic electronic flow control, meaning it maintains a constant extraction rate. Our tool is also low in running costs, and will lengthen the durability of your equipment as it protects the fumes from settling and building up.

Benefits of the Analogue DentalEX – Dental Air Purifier

  • Priortises employee health and safety: this is the highest priority, fume extractions is vital in prolonging employee health.
  • Reduces company downtime: improves the reliability of your equipment, reducing the possibility of company downtime due to faulty equipment.
  • Automatic electronic flow control: maintains a constant extraction rate even as the filter blocks.
  • Blockage alerts: our dental purifier gives both visual and audio warnings to signal if the system is getting blocked.
  • Protects the environment: if these toxic fumes are not disposed of properly, they can cause serious damage to the atmosphere.

Find dental fume extractors with Purex

Find out more information about our dental fume extraction systems, whether you need extractors for dental milling or aerosol extraction – Purex has got you covered. Get in touch with our supportive technical team who are onboard to support you 24/7. Alternatively, check your existing fume extraction system by booking an LEV Test with our team.