Clean Cab

CODE: 840155

Enhance your workspace with the Purex CleanCab enclosure. It offers a spacious and secure area, perfect for soldering electronics. By integrating your process with the CleanCab, you can maintain a controlled environment, ensuring safety and efficiency. For further details on the benefits of the Purex CleanCab, please reach out to Purex directly.

Kit Includes;

  • Base
  • Open Hood

Our Clean Cab series is designed to deliver optimal performance with specific airflow requirements. Here’s a breakdown of the airflow for each model:

  • 5000i Model: This model requires an airflow of 369 m3/h to achieve a velocity of 0.5m/s at the face. With a maximum capacity of 7 times the base requirement, it can handle up to 2583 m3/h. This provides ample room for resistance play at maximum power. It can comfortably accommodate six clean cabs.
  • 2000i Model: The 2000i model needs 369 m3/h of airflow for a 0.5m/s velocity at the face. It can comfortably manage up to 1476 m3/h, which is 4 times the base requirement.
  • 1500i Model: The 1500i model, requiring 369 m3/h for a 0.5m/s face velocity, can comfortably handle up to 1107 m3/h, which is 3 times the base requirement

These specifications ensure that our Clean Cab series delivers reliable and efficient, we advise that the installation is designed by oursleves for every installation, due to the reliability of our models, performance is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.



Compatible Machine's

  • 5000i


    The 5000i 3 Phase offers a choice of pre-filters depending on if your workspace allows side inlet or rear inlet. This machine is able to extract from up to 36 separate Purex arm kits simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for large scale Hand Soldering processes. Its large air flow also allows it be used for Wave Soldering applications where a steady and constant airflow is needed. In addition, it can be used on large scale Laser Engraving and Coding processes.

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  • 400i


    This versatile machine is commonly used in the Laser Engraving and Coding industry, its high extraction rate and compact size make it renown around the world

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  • 800 1 Tier

    800 1 Tier

    The 800 – Equipped with one large main filter is designed for a variety of work operations where a small foot print is required.

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  • 1500i

    The Purex 1500i is a powerful and efficient machine, capable of extracting from multiple points simultaneously. Its inbuilt gas and particle sensors ensure safety throughout the extraction points.

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  • 2000i

    The Purex 2000i 3 Phase is a cost-efficient and reliable solution, offering adjustable airflow and low operational costs. Its easy installation, portability, and precision operation make it a robust and high-performing asset for your needs.

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