Compressor Kit

CODE: 190035

The Compressor Box, is a compact design, ensuring it remains unobtrusive, while providing robust protection for the compressor. Furthermore, this design feature enhances the portability of the machine, simplifying the process of relocation. This makes it an ideal choice for dynamic workspaces that require flexibility and efficiency. The Compressor Box is bolted to the back of the machine for stability and protection of the compressor.

The selection of the compressor part number is contingent upon the pressure required for your application. The item numbers would either be 300176 (90V) or (220V-240V). This ensures optimal performance and compatibility with your specific application. These would be attached to the back of your machine withi the the compressor box.


Compressor Box

Compatible Machines

  • 400i


    This versatile machine is commonly used in the Laser Engraving and Coding industry, its high extraction rate and compact size make it renown around the world

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  • 400


    The 400 is a versatile machine for use within the Electronics industries due to its small footprint and powerful air flow abilities.

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  • 750 Range

    The Purex 750 range is a high-performance unit and with automatic electronic flow control it ensures smooth operation. The series offers the 750 2-Tier and 750 3-Tier models, catering to diverse needs.

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  • 800i 2 Tier

    800i 2 Tier

    The 800i 2 Tier – Equipped with one primary and one labyrinth pre filter, this unit is highly efficient for extraction from gases and chemicals, making it an excellent solution throughout various industry's.

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  • 800i 3 Tier

    800i 3 Tier

    The 800i 3 Tier – Equipped two main filters and a labyrinth pre-filter, this high-efficiency apparatus ensures a dependable operation, specifically designed to eradicate heavy-duty odours from Laser Coding & Marking, Laser Engraving on various materials such as plastics including acrylic.

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  • 1500i

    The Purex 1500i is a powerful and efficient machine, capable of extracting from multiple points simultaneously. Its inbuilt gas and particle sensors ensure safety throughout the extraction points.

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  • Alpha 400

    The Purex Alpha 400 is a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution for your specific laser fume extraction operations. It features an LED warning system and would be an ideal choice for the Laser industries.

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