Interfacing Kit

CODE: 105146

The Purex Interface Kit is an expertly engineered device, crafted specifically to facilitate the control of a Purex unit from a separate machine. This could range from a reflow oven to a laser machine, or any other device that is compatible. This distinctive feature offers users the convenience of switching the machine on and off as needed, thereby enhancing energy conservation and operational productivity.


9V - 24V
Interface Cable With No Connector

Compatible Machine's

  • iFume Range

    The Purex iFume range is our versatile and efficient solution, designed to cater for a wide range of applications. These variable range of units are an ideal tailored solution that aligns with your specific requirements. Guaranteed to provide employee safety and efficiency.

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  • 750i 2 Tier

    750i 2 Tier

    Equipped with one main filter and one labyrinth pre-filter fitted this setup guarantees a safe and straightforward operation, effectively eliminating harmful fumes. This would be an ideal choice for a variety of industries, including Laser Coding & Marking, Laser Engraving, and the Electronics industry

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  • PUR35


    The Purex PUR35, our top-tier and economically viable solution, is equipped with a total of three filters - two primary ones and an additional pre-filter. Its design emphasizes portability and ease of installation, thanks to its compact dimensions. This makes the PUR35 an ideal choice for those seeking a flexible and efficient filtration solution.

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  • PUR35 Chemical

    PUR35 Chemical

    This versatile device prioritises operator safety and adaptability. Its unique split filter design contributes to a cost-effective ownership experience. Please note that the chemical variant of the PUR35 is equipped with a single primary main filter. This information is crucial for potential owners to understand the maintenance requirements of this model.

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  • Weldex

    The Purex Weldex is a versatile digital unit with a large dust holding capacity and a consistent extraction rate. It is a mobile unit due to its castors, and features a 75mm multi-position arm that can cover up to 2 metres, making it ideal for station-to-station movement.

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  • Ebase


    The Purex Ebase Fume Extraction System reliably maintains a clean and safe working environment by effectively eliminating harmful contaminants. Its low-profile design allows a laser engraving device to be placed on top, reducing the overall footprint, or it can be positioned under pre-existing work benches. Renowned in the Laser Industry, the Ebase fume extractor is particularly recommended for heavy-duty tasks like laser engraving and cutting.

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  • Xbase


    The Purex Xbase Fume Extraction System ensures a clean and safe working environment by efficiently removing harmful contaminants. Its compact design allows a laser engraving device to be placed on top, minimising the required space, or it can fit under existing work benches. Well-regarded in the Laser Industry, the Xbase fume extractor is especially recommended for laser engraving and cutting tasks.

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