4 reasons to choose Purex for your fume extractor needs

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Fume extraction is vital for many industries – unventilated fumes can be incredibly harmful and even put your staff at risk to many respiratory illnesses. Purex fume extractors are designed with both safety and quality in mind – with thirty years of industry experience, we have refined the art of fume extraction. Find out why you should choose Purex in our helpful guide today.

Our goals

Here at Purex, we have three main goals:

  1. Product quality
  2. Reducing processing costs
  3. Innovation

Our dedication to the fume extractor industry has allowed us to become experts in all things ventilation related. With all our products, you can expect high quality technical support to assist with extract enclosure or practical extraction difficulties.

Why choose Purex?

  1. Engineering: our innovative design is unlike many on the market – quality is ensured with the welded stainless-steel chassis.
  2. Support: here at Purex, our specialists are on hand 24/7 to offer you support whenever you need it.
  3. Experience: we have over 30 years of supplying fume extraction making us experts in this field. We are renowned for reliability, quality and customer support.
  4. Innovation: our company ethos is innovation in both our products and our services. We are inspired by the competition and are constantly looking at how we can change the industry.

Benefits of Purex products

  • Easy maintenance: our systems are built so all components can be easily removed – significantly reducing potential downtime.
  • Full display: our automatic display settings on our digital machines allow you to always know the filter condition and sensor status.
  • Quiet: the brushless motors used in our system reduces noise pollution and improves operator comfort.
  • Available interfacing: our two-way system allows our systems to be controlled remotely. Warning signals can be received due to our integrated control systems.
  • Engineering: our innovative design is unlike many on the market – quality is ensured with the welded stainless-steel chassis.
  • Reduced down time: filters can be changed in a matter of minutes, saving you costs in the long run.

Learn more about the benefits of fume extractors from our detailed guide.

Purex is constantly developing new features to deliver the most efficient and safe equipment to the market. We have smart fume extraction products for various applications including:

We pride ourselves with offering excellent customer service, product availability, timely shipping, and technical support.

Thinking of buying one of our systems? Contact our helpful team for more information today. Alternatively, check your existing fume extraction system by booking an LEV Test with our team.